NBA All-World - app preview

here's interesting app which is called NBA all world it is developed by Niantic and it's a new project by and take the company behind viral super viral Pokemon go and yeah so uh Niantic is just trying to to create some new projects um so definitely give a try to this app and it's in top charts right now um so you can see I was just read an attack crunch uh uh has risked an inflection point or so there is a new uh so there's this is our latest attempt to to figure out some viral hit in this AR space uh uh so yeah uh interesting app it's again you kind of attach it to like real real terrain and then it's kind of like AR uh technology so yeah that's about that and then you can just open it up it works fine even on older iPhones so as you can see here is an older iPhone and if you're an NPA fan uh so here you can just foreign it's it consumes a lot of space so you can see the app size is more than 360 megabytes and then it skips downloading around 100 180. um so yeah tap to continue and then you just need to enter your date of birth Tower and then there is a new user you can just start with a tutorial foreign and then yeah you can just practice the Railroad Earth locations and then yeah you can just can just move around like that swipe left so yeah you can just follow this tutorial foreign [Applause] okay so now you can see how it works okay so now it works [Applause] [Applause] so yeah that's basically the idea [Applause] okay so you got the idea so here you're just practicing but then you can just then you will combine it with uh this AR and then you can just create an account with apple Facebook or Google

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