Neku app - make avatar sticker - tutorial

Here is an app called Neku that allows you to make Avatar stickers. Let's walk through a tutorial on how to use the app.

To get started, tap to download the app and double click to install it. Once installed, you will be presented with a hand-drawn interface where you can customize your social network profile icon by creating a unique cartoon face and styling your profile Avatar.

If you are interested in creating an anime-like custom avatar, you can opt for a subscription plan. The app offers a monthly subscription for $5 or a weekly subscription for $7. Let's explore some of its features:

  • Claim new Avatar: Simply roll the dice to generate different types of avatars.
  • Browse and discover a variety of avatars created by other users.
  • Access stickers and bonuses within the app.
  • Unlock rewards and deals by logging in regularly.

Neku app provides a platform where users can unleash their creativity and personalize their digital presence with unique avatar stickers. Give it a try to explore a world of possibilities in a quick nutshell.

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