Netflix not working on Rave anymore. So if I try to go to Rave app, basically then if from here you try to sign in to Netflix, there is still a button here but then eventually it just doesn't work even if you have the correct Netflix account. This is a recent bug here in the Rave app, which just reappeared. To be honest, I just don't know whether this is some kind of like a recent bug, like a temporary bug, or this is just some like a big issue. Netflix login not working has stopped functioning.

It's constant; it logs me out after already logging in multiple times. So then basically that's what it is. Yeah, Netflix option has now stopped working. As you can see, this issue is about a week long. Hopefully, it will be possible to watch Netflix here soon. If not, maybe that's just Netflix providing this new blocking feature where it's not possible to watch in R anymore.

I don't know; let's follow the updates.

  • The following issues have been reported with Netflix on Rave:
  1. Unable to sign in to Netflix from Rave app.
  2. Constant logouts even after multiple sign-ins.
  3. Netflix option within Rave not working.

If you have been facing these problems while trying to use Netflix on Rave, you are not alone. Many users have reported similar issues. Netflix not working on Rave app has become a noticeable concern among the app users. As Netflix is a popular streaming service, a seamless integration within Rave has been crucial for many users who enjoy watching content together. Stay tuned for more updates on this issue.

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