New dating apps might be scamming you with AI bots - podcast

A lot of metaverse apps behind avatars can easily scam with AI chatbots

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O in this episode, we're going to talk about scamming dating apps. And how it works. So I discard this trend, which yeah, which can be really exploited into the future with a lot of apps, especially when all of tech is moving into motherboards and exploring different options. How to really get a hat in the metaverse and get elite in the metaverse. So I was doing a review of the dating app. Called magnet. I'm so my magnet dating game and chat. So this app seems like a really cool idea. It was in the top charts in the US App Store. And so it's like kind of reversed Tinder, so on Tinder might be now, you just need to present the really cool cool photo or video. Just have that and then people see if they like or not like your photo of you of your interests and then just five left or right. So usually it's like few milliseconds that decide if someone likes you or not. People just swiping left and right like hundreds profiles and the most important scene is just to have visual element really perfect. So your picture should be. Really amazing and only if you match you will be able to chat. So that's basically how Tinder works. So magnet app works completely under works. So you create your account, you are able to chat, you can chat for five minutes or not 5 minutes, like 5 messages, and then you decide if if you want to continue to chat. If you like chat with this person. If other person also decides that you kind of like each other and then you can reveal your real photos. So that's the idea. So yeah, and then in the beginning you can just upload your photo and it will create avatar based on your photo. So that's that and you would say like such a such a cool idea basically. Yeah, like how amazing is that? But also it's it's quite dangerous and it's quite tricky, like OK, so on one hand it's quite positive because for a lot of introverted people, so including like it's much easier just to chat with person. And start communication and all of that. And and, you know, just like start chatting, maybe explore some like you know, wipes. Do you like to talk with this person? Like some personality wipes and all of that? And only after discover if you are impressed by the photos or something like that while in Tinder, some people can really manufacture some of their photos, show some perfect image and when you start talking, you see that there is not real wipe, so that's good. But The thing is, when you don't see a real photo. There is a big risk that these apps can just use like AI bots like you know, and you can continue chatting, especially if you're a lonely person. You kind of enjoy this chat. You don't see the real image, so I think like in 50% of maybe even more in all these kind of apps this will can be just AI bots, so can be just some AI model which just writes you good messages. Like how are you? How are you feeling today? All these kind of messages but also can be trained and designated for you. Just to upgrade and by so all these apps, a lot of them can be just targeting lonely guys who wants to continue conversations they want to see the real images just like the face images and but then. That they continue writing and probably just chatting with AI bots and then upgrading, then upgrade and again and it never leads to anything. And then they're just charge a lot of money. So that's I think can be lucky. Business model of a lot of this new dating apps, especially in matter Wars. So in matter wars you can have a lot of apps for. The real people who are hiding under avatars because it's also has some positive aspects or sometimes you don't want to show your real picture, but you just design the school avatar and then yeah, that's like a new world. But also it brings these risks that sometimes it's much easier to explore people using some AI bots and just engaging with the chats which might look like super super real. So there are a bunch of apps already. Try app or gem souls Jam Soul app where yeah, but that explicitly said that hey, this is the app where you can chat with the chat bot and a lot of people enjoy that you can chat endlessly with the chat bot and does that here. The app says kind of that you should date chat with a real person but it is in fact also chat bot and you are charged much more and you just. Continue chatting with the bot endlessly, so I think there will be a big wave of this new dating apps. Kind of like Internet Matravers. Everyone's hiding behind, hiding behind avatars. And yeah, it's like super mental wars. Super cool, but in fact you can just be chatting with bots and maybe sometimes have an audio calls with AI or even like some basic real pictures. Easy to generate with AI and you won't even distinguish that so. There is a risk of that. I'm not telling that magnet app is doing that, but that's what I've just read in reviews that. Yeah, a lot of people think that they're just using AI bots, and maybe this is completely not the case for this app. I'm just using just an example. Just be careful, yeah? Of course there are apps like Replica for example, but again, it explicitly tells that this is the AI bought you are chatting with it, and it's kind of like you want to have some romantic chats with AI. But then it says it and it doesn't charge so much money. But here it's kind of like gives you some promise of a date or something which can be a big thing for a lonely person. But then you just will continue chatting with AI and it can influence your feelings. So that's that. But maybe it's the future. Like you know, 50% of the dates will be just happening with chatting with AI bots. Who knows? So and anyhow, that was just my $0.05.

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