New emojis with iOS 16.4 - overview

okay so Apple just released some new emojis with iOS 16.4 here are some of the favorites and you can just see here that not many emojis but there is one of the shaking face so that's the Emoji so to access all of those you just need to be able to upgrade to iOS 16.4 and to do that probably you will need to have like some of the kind of newer iPhones I'm not sure if you can upgrade like for example on iPhone 8. or maybe starting from iPhone 10 you can do it so there is like a single pin heart another one and there is hands pushing left and right and it either can either mean stop or high five either way very important and then there is a ginger root that will Delight Cooks festive set of maracas and there you have it so this is just like an overview of some new emojis which you can get

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