NEW Feature How to REMOVE A FOLLOWER on Twitter?

hello everyone so there is this new exciting feature on twitter so it's on the twitter browser on desktop where you can remove your follower so just go to your account and go to your followers by the way follow me on twitter here i'm just showing the example um and yeah so for example um i want to remove some account so now uh when i tap on three dots i can of course block the user but when you block someone and people try to go again to your profiles they will see something you are blocked and then especially on the public profiles these screenshots will be flying all over twitter that someone blocked you it creates a lot of like negative energy like why did you block me but instead you can just do like quietly remove this follower i don't know if the person will be notified or all of that but this is just like a more polite kind of quiet version just remove the follower and you won't appear in their feet anymore and then that person will need to again to follow you uh back or something like that so i don't know all the implications why why twitter exactly did this feature but i guess because just if you block someone it's just too too offensive for some people so you can just quietly remove this follower on twitter so leave your suggestions or reviews in the comments below interesting to see your feedback on this feature                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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