so i'm just going through this website and this app is kind of going viral a lot of people try to discover what it what it's about it's a world around the server changing your online image should do too the rules are simple select the profile picture you like most in your current state of mind and return a week later for new effects new options and new picture amaze your friends and followers with fresh looking avatars that reflect your current mood so let's just get the app and see exactly what what this app is about so there is iphone app and there is android app and as you can see this app is uh in top charts right now um so let's just install it so i can easily install it using my touch id or face id and there are only 800 ratings but it's all yeah pretty high average rating 4.8 out of 5. so you can uh ai driven profile peak and then just generate it so um yeah it's kind of like cartoon character profile picture uh let's see what's new about it because there are a lot of uh apps in this category so then i just need to choose my photo seems it's not working it's for some okay finally it's working so faces i can just automatically select all the faces here from my camera roll so maybe so yeah for example i can just select this face and then i just need to wait a moment let your online photo be in tune with your mood and then i just create this photo so it creates kind of like a tune and then it's just using ai and you can see the progress as it's scrolling here in the top part okay so it's still taking time so it's just creating all of these images you can actually edit it and you can select exactly the area you want to so for example this is the image and then i can i can just select different background and then you can just post a collage and then just ask your followers to select an image okay so this is basically the photo so for example if i select this one just more like a selfie photo so overall this app as you can see is just using ai to to generate your profile picture and then for different styles and then you can select for more like for this specific image and then you can just save and share like for example you can then just download to your camera roll or you can share on snapchat or um instagram or whatever and then there is just about us and that's basically it um so as you can see now you can use like i didn't buy anything i didn't need to create an account so that's basically how it works there are all these different filters and images and you can select different level levels of cartoonization and how the app might look like so yeah if you like this kind of cartoons that's uh what you can do and you can easily yeah it works pretty smoothly and then you can just serve it to your uh to a camera roll so image saved and there you have of course there is a watermark here in the bottom right you can see that there is a watermark at this moment there is no way to remove this watermark so it is what it is probably there should be some upgrade version to to figure that out but uh [Music] uh yeah uh um so that's basically it um [Music] that's the overview um that's the app uh let's just also go through some of the reviews what people are saying how it works upload your photo upload choose from variety of amazing styles including ai driven cartoon port cards so come come back whenever you feel it for in more styles and brand big and yeah a lot of good reviews actually like people seems to be liking this app so yeah so anyhow yeah you can get this app on on iphone you can get it on android um i hope you enjoyed this quick preview and thank you for watching

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