“Next Grant” notification in Worldcoin doesn’t show up….

In the recent Worldcoin update, users have reported that the "Next Grant” notification is no longer appearing as expected. Typically, users would navigate to the grants page and find the notification bar indicating the next grant, but this feature seems to have disappeared. This issue has been persisting for approximately one to two days, and it has now been confirmed that the notification is officially missing.

Upon analyzing the situation, two possible explanations have emerged. The first suggestion is that this absence could be attributed to a technical glitch. Worldcoin's app has been known to experience glitches, particularly during high-traffic periods like weekends. This could be one such instance, mirroring a previous occurrence where the Genesis grant failed to display but later reappeared without an official explanation. As such, it's important to recognize that even in an improved version of the app, bugs and glitches can still arise.

The second hypothesis is more concerning - it's plausible that Worldcoin has decided to temporarily pause or altogether halt grant distributions. This action might be a precautionary measure due to a significant increase in the Worldcoin price, prompting caution to ensure the stability of the platform. Alternatively, issues related to withdrawals or other operational matters could be instigating this pause. Clarification on this matter is anticipated closer to March 12th, the expected date for the next grant distribution.

For users seeking updates on this situation, monitoring relevant subreddits can be a helpful strategy. Community discussions may shed light on any official statements or insights into the current circumstances. As the situation unfolds, further clarity is expected to emerge around the status of the grants and the future of Worldcoin’s distribution system.

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