NEXT - Wallpapers & widgets - app overview

here is this interesting app called Next wallpapers and widgets so let's just install it it's quickly climbing in the top charts of the Graphics and Design category in the in the US App Store so yeah you can decorate your iPhone's home and lock screen with aesthetic wallpapers tabs effectful paper switches and themes so that's what you can do um yes or something around that and um yeah so here you can just create all these lock screen widgets starting from iOS 16. um and then uh yeah depth effect wallpapers uh Shuffle wallpapers so something around that uh yeah so that's basically the idea uh decorator iPhones home and lock screen with static wallpapers different flags wallpapers widgets and themes and that's enjoy beautiful wallpapers all the time it also contains a variety of depths effect wallpaper Shuffle wallpapers live wallpapers home screen videos lock screen videos and charging animation in addition you can use our app to import your own videos of others to make a live wallpaper to review the good moments at all times so yeah let's just open it up and see all the what what about of this app so you can see that uh yeah okay and then of course you need to upgrade it pushes you to upgrade but there is like a three-day free trial then for 99 per week 39.99 per year or one-time payment 49.99 so it all just depends like how much do you want to customize your iPhone so here you have this like uh you have some widgets uh you have lock screen widgets which you can install um like you can have this kind of wallpaper uh uh yeah available which you can use and then if you want to save some of the content is premium um yeah how to add widget you can see here long press anywhere on your home screen click Plus in Upper corners and search next wallpaper and then you can add that widget you can set charging open shortcuts app click Automation and create personal automation here uh you can also add lock screen widgets open notification centers don't press anywhere on the screen and click customize click add we just choose next wallpaper so yeah here that's what you can do uh yeah it's a good idea to clear cache um I don't know what What shuffle packs are so here's what you can do as well uh yeah so that's kind of the app you can also just browse through the catalog you can just see all the lock screen widgets like countdowns tabs battery icon CPU storage like different forms you can see Dynamic widgets uh like live wallpapers home screen widgets charging animations and favorites and then uh yeah so that's what you can do [Music] try it out hope this is helpful uh definitely give a try to this app

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