NFL Concurrency Error - what to do?

Recently, a significant number of users have reported a concurrency error in the NFL app, both on Roku and mobile devices. This issue has caused frustration among users, who have taken to platforms like Reddit to express their concerns. Error code 5001 has been commonly mentioned in these conversations, affecting both mobile and Roku users. It is disheartening that the NFL, which boasts a massive following, has not been able to provide a better app experience for its loyal fans. As a result, some users have decided to cancel their subscription.

Several users have attempted to seek assistance from Roku support, dedicating hours to resolve the issue, only to be left disappointed and empty-handed. In a desperate attempt to find a solution, some users have suggested power cycling their TVs by unplugging them for ten seconds, which seems to temporarily alleviate the problem. Unfortunately, their efforts have proved fruitless for many, forcing them to cancel their NFL Plus subscription and miss out on important games.

It appears that this concurrency error is not solely a result of users' Wi-Fi or internet connections. Rather, it is likely an issue with the NFL app's servers or infrastructure. The timing of the error coincides with peak viewing periods or major events, suggesting that it could be a server overload during these high-demand periods.

While the exact cause of this problem remains unclear, it is apparent that some servers are affected, resulting in a frustrating user experience for many fans. The NFL has not provided a timeline for when this issue will be resolved, leaving users to persistently attempt to access the app in the hopes that it will eventually function properly. Users have also attempted to seek support from Roku, but unfortunately, this avenue has not led to any significant improvements.

If you are experiencing this error, it is recommended that you either wait patiently for a resolution in the coming days or weeks, or consider accessing the NFL app during off-peak times when server congestion is less likely. Alternatively, watching replays during non-peak hours may provide a workaround for those eager to catch up on missed games.

As this issue continues, it is essential to highlight potential solutions and workarounds to ease the frustration of affected users. If you have found any alternative fixes or workarounds, please share them in the comments section, as this ongoing bug requires collective effort to navigate successfully. It is sincerely hoped that the NFL takes swift action to address this matter and provide a seamless app experience for its devoted fanbase.

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