NGL: anonymous q&a app - should you get hints and upgrade? Is it worth it?

NGL hints explained

What are NGL hints?

Basically, when you go to your NGL inbox and want to reveal the author of the message there is a button "Who sent this 👀". By tapping on it you are pushed to upgrade to NGL pro.

By upgrading to NGL pro you can get hints like location, device, ngl id and more.

NGL hints example

To get NGL hints you need to upgrade for $6.99 per week. There is no free trial, so it is quite expensive.

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What kind of hints does ngl give?

In a PRO version NGL gives hints like:

  • location
  • device
  • ngl id

For example, someone from London on Android sent you this question.

Honestly, I don't know what exactly ngl id is and how helpful is it.

What hints NGL doesn't give

NGL link app doesn't give hints like:

  • Instagram username
  • Full name
  • First name
  • First letter of a name
  • Email
  • Phone number

So, don't expect to get all this info even after upgrading.

How to find out your NGL id?

To find out your NGL id, go to Settings, tap "I need help".

You will open your email client, where you will see your user id - that's your NGL id. (This is not 100%, just my thoughts...)

By using this NGL id and maybe asking your friends to show it to you - you can find out exactly who sent you this message.

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NGL hints overview

Here's NGL app. Should you buy the hints or the hint pack and upgrade in this app? Basically, the idea is that you can buy hints and then you can probably discover who sent you message. You can tap See All and then you can just tap See Most Recent.

Then here you can see some reviews actually that people write. "Do not buy the hint pack. Literally, it tells you this was made by an Apple phone in Houston or somewhere, South Palm Beach. This user says that it actually doesn't give a lot of precise information or the hints are very general, so you can't discover exactly who sent the message.

Or for example, if you shared your story to everyone on Instagram, it will be very hard to identify, at least a bit, narrow the circle of people. This feature is not perfect yet.

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