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‎NGL - anonymous q&a
‎1. Share your ngl link anywhere2. Friends answer right on your story3. Get responses on NGL To ensure the safety of our users we use world class AI content moderation. We utilize deep learning and rule-based character pattern-matching algorithms to filter out harmful language and bullying. Ultim…

In this video let's go together through NGL Anonymous Q&A App. I'll try to answer all your questions you have and I'll try to do full and complete overview how to use this app, how it looks like, what features it has, like if you have any concerns and all of that.


I just recently discovered this app probably as you did and I was just playing with it for almost a day and it's pretty fun. Basically the idea is you can ask your friends to post anonymous questions so you can just post Instagram story and then people can...

Here is a description from App Store.

1. Share your ngl link anywhere

2. Friends answer right on your story

3. Get responses on NGL

To ensure the safety of our users we use world class AI content moderation. We utilize deep learning and rule-based character pattern-matching algorithms to filter out harmful language and bullying. Ultimately we believe that anonymity only works when it's safe!

Basically you ask questions or your friends leave some anonymous comments and all of that. There are a bunch of apps like that already for example Yolo app but this app is focusing entirely only on Instagram and it's pretty cool.

How it goes? You just create your NGL link, friends answer on your Instagram story and then you get responses in your messages inbox on NGL app but you don't see who left these responses.

You can also add even more messages to your Instagram buyer. There is some AI content moderation. They say utilize deep learning, rule based character pattern matching algorithm to filter out harmful language and bullying.

So that's basically that. That's how it works. Then you can see all these messages. Anyhow, so let's just open that. I don't remember how I created an account. I mean you just enter your Instagram username so you need to obviously know your Instagram username and you just enter it here and that's it.

Then you created your account. Then the interface looks super simple. Here in the top you see your prompt. This is what you want to be displayed in your Instagram story. Send me anonymous compliment, ask me anything anonymously.

You can always just rely to default which is send me anonymous messages, ask me anything anonymously, send a name, tell me what you really think. Truth or dare, I'll do the dare. Drop a name for it to be honest. Then you can just copy link. This is my link for example.

Then the next step is that you can share a link on your Instagram story. I will show you how to do it. They have actually a very helpful tutorial so you just need to create a story and then there's the sticker button in the top right where you can just tap on it.

Then there is link button and then you can just add link. You can pass your link here and then next step and then you can just share Instagram.

Anyhow let's just do it together. Here is the Instagram story. What you need to tap, you need to tap stickers here in the top part. Then you need to search for link and then you need to pass this link. You can also customize sticker text and here it is.

Then you just tap that. Then you can just share it as you share any Instagram story. That's that. Here it is and now I will show you how it looks like. Now this is my story. This is how it looks like.

Then if I tap on it, I can view link. Here is how it looks like. This is what your friends will see here. This is what they see that you posted this link in your Instagram story and they can just reply to you like that.

You can just write anything. You can also use some suggestions, just random suggestions or something like that and then you can also tap Send. Send, that's what your friends would do if they see your story.

Let's see what happens now. I can just open NGL app and I go to inbox. Here I see this letter box where I can just, here I see this and then it just says that's what I just submitted. I was just doing it for the demo for you guys, do you understand?

But yeah, that's basically how it works. Obviously I won't be answering my own questions. That's what you can see from your friends. But you can't distinguish like who sent that. There is no attached Instagram username. So one of your friends, one of your Instagram feed viewers, that's just who seeing that but you don't know who that is.

Then what you can do next, you can actually reply to that. You can just add some sticker and all of that and then just reply to this. That's basically how it works. Then you just post the story again and that's pretty fun.

Then also in the top left you can report this story. But in fact this is also the way to delete this message if you want to delete it. You can just first report the user if you think that this message is inappropriate and this probably will help the AI algorithm of the app or you can just tap report and this will delete the message.

That's basically how it works. Then of course you want to tap this red button like who sent? This if there is some spicy message or message which touched you. Then this app offers you to subscribe. This is how you can upgrade and then this app wants you to upgrade to the Pro membership.

Pro members can see exclusive hints on each message and Pro renews for 9.99 per week. Then you can just tap unlock and it's pretty expensive. It's like $9.99 per week. It's like $10 per week and it's a subscription. If you leave and unchanged it will charge you almost $40 per month.

It's per month, not per year. Then why you need to upgrade this? Because Pro members can see exclusive hints on each message. You won't see the person who sent this, you won't see the exact username, you just will see some hints. That's it.

I was just doing some quicker search for you guys and then on the Apple reviews of this app, people say that actually you shouldn't upgrade because the hints that this app gives are very general. It gives something like the user on iPhone send this message, or the user located in New York or something like that.

If you have a lot of friends everywhere, it can be anyone who has an iPhone or it can be anyone who is located in New York or something like that. Of course you can identify some like tighten the circle who could have sent this message. But it's just your decision. If you really want to see that probably you can try to upgrade, but don't expect from hint to be really precise and to be able to tell what exactly and who exactly sent that.

That's how you can reply. That's basically that. There are all kinds of messages like that. You can tap on your icon on top and then you can just tap to delete account. So this is the way to delete your account.

You can also reach out if you need any help. You can follow on Instagram. If you need help, they suggest you to reach out on Instagram, but you can't message them on Instagram in fact. Unfortunately, that's what it is. You can't message them there.

But I think you can go to their website and try to e-mail them if you have any issues. That's basically that. Of course you can go to Instagram and you can add this to your profile. You can edit profile and then you can add it to your website like this here.

Then you can just add this link and it's being added to the website. That's the idea. Then of course, if your Instagram is popular, people will just click on this link and you get a lot of messages in your inbox.

Here if you see the green message, it means that I already, like the green icon, it means that I already replied to this message and grayish letter means that I read it and colorful letter means that I didn't open it yet.

I just shared it for fun. This story, Instagram story, got a lot of engagement and a lot of users checked it out. This app is going wild right now. I think it was featured on TikTok somewhere or I don't know what's the reason. Because I think it was released, it was built back in 2021.

It wasn't in the top chart. Now it is in the top charts. Just at this moment it's like top apps in the US app Store. Yeah, that's what it is. That's the idea. That's the app definitely give it a try.

You can see, you can use basic features for free. You don't need to upgrade. You can have a lot of fun. As I said, if you create Instagram story with this, it can get a lot of engagement and at least you will get few DMs from your friends. Like what is this? Can you explain what is this? I already got few DMs like that. Can you explain what you are doing here?

Yeah, I was actually surprised that this app wasn't yet developed and wasn't viral for Instagram because there were so many apps like Yolo for Snapchat where you can do this stuff on Snapchat. But for some reason on Instagram, there wasn't an app like that.

But anyhow, this is what it is. Thank you for watching. Please like this video or send it your friends so friends can check out how to use this app and they don't need to spend like half a day, as I did to figure out all the details around it. Thank you for watching.

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