NGL app “Block sender. This can’t be undone. You will never be able to get messages again”

So here's an NGL app and basically, when you are blocking someone, it says, "Block sender. This can't be undone. You will never be able to get messages from this person again." This feature allows users to block other individuals within the app. However, it is important to note that once you block someone, it is not recoverable. There is no menu within the NGL app to manage your blocked accounts or undo the block.

Unfortunately, once you have blocked someone, there is no way to reverse the action. This means that you will permanently be unable to receive messages from that particular person. While blocking can be an effective way to deal with unwanted messages or contacts, it is crucial to consider its irreversibility.

In addition to blocking, the NGL app also offers other options for managing your messages. For example, you can delete messages, and unlike blocking, deleted messages are recoverable. This can come in handy if you want to clean up your inbox or remove specific conversations.

Furthermore, the app provides the option to report any issues you encounter to the NGL team. This can be useful if you experience bullying or receive an excessive amount of spam from a particular account. However, it's worth noting that contacting NGL support directly may not yield immediate results. It could take weeks for them to respond, or they may not respond at all.

Considering this, blocking the sender remains the fastest way to address such issues. While it may seem like a drastic step, it ensures that you can protect yourself from unwanted messages effectively. Just remember that once you block someone, you can't unblock them unless the NGL app introduces a feature to manage blocked accounts in the future.

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