NGL APP - can’t get any messages - what you can do

here's the ngl app and a lot of people actually some people tell that they can't get any messages in their inbox so i'll just show you what it looks like so in your inbox if you have new messages you will see just red circle to the right of the inbox it means you have new messages this this is how your messages look look like the active sorry the green icon in the top right means that i reply to this message in my instagram stories yeah but some people say that they shared the link and they can't receive any messages whatsoever maybe this is some kind of a bug however that the app wasn't that buggy for me and it worked out pretty well i must say and also if you go to the like app store reviews is this pretty high people people are reporting bugs but not that much usually the bugs are that you can't create your account or you can can't change your username or stuff around that but the app looks works pretty fine for me um uh so like but what can be the reasons that you didn't get any messages so if you just go to instagram just make sure that in your story that you shared your story so for example here it is that in the activity at least like you know like 10 people actually saw your story because maybe you just shared it to close friends maybe you didn't share it at all or maybe you shared it but in their own time like to their own audience and like three people seen it so in my uh in my experience around like 30 friends seen the story and i received like three messages so conversion rate as you can say that is around like 10 percent so for every 10 like viewers of the story expect usually expect maximum one message of course it depends on the how engaged are you with your friends and uh are your friends willing to reply to the story so just yeah follow that um yeah so if less than 10 friends seen your story on instagram i wouldn't expect messages so and at least 50 people should see it and then if 50 people seen it you still didn't get any messages that's kind of weird um try what else like try to change the the story itself try to change messages here uh because maybe your friends don't understand the messages or they just look weird for them try to add some hints your instagram story and republish it again so there is a clear understanding what's happening because maybe your friends are just not secure to use some app and send some messages there so that's basically that i hope it is helpful

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