NGL app forced to stopped tricking users with generated questions

so ngl app has an update and now this app is forced to stop tricking its users it quietly rolled out an update where now you can finally see which messages are being generated and which messages are sent from humans app didn't like explicitly you know announced it or [Music] put a lot of pr in it but obviously yeah they just wanted to do it in a quiet mode and you can read more about it in the in this techcrunch article and actually uh uh like uh techcrunch uh editorial they just basically created an a link and gr link didn't share it anywhere and still got messages so it means that there were some ai boards which were just generating messages for you and some people upgraded a lot of users i think upgraded to see hints for who sent these messages while this were just bots and actually you can ask for refund so you can request some refund from apple actually and now i can show you so ngil app shows this little message in the inbox just for some messages where it's a sandvis law from tim and jiao so that basically means that this message was generated by bot not by your friend or human and then you can see that the message looks pretty okay it doesn't look like generated spam and [Music] and it looks like also includes this kind of like some slang and it looks very human-like because you know obviously ai algorithms are very good and becoming better and better so it's not like you know some super fake looking uh message nope it looks pretty okay but now in the bottom you see that this actually was sent by the bot so something around that hope it is helpful and thank you for watching

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