NGL bot messages list via!

so p real app seems to be sending me messages even if i didn't share the link anywhere or i just shared this with a limited amount of people so if i just tap to inbox i can see some random messages coming in and yeah actually there was some experiment by techcrunch whereas i just created the link and they just opened the instagram story or something but they just didn't share it and i still got replies or something around it so they basically prove that seems there are some of the messages which are just fake or generated and recently in the app you can see that there is a text in the bottom which is sent with love from team ngl so that's basically means that some of these questions are sent by uh yeah um by ngl app and that's how it's working um so basically they acknowledged these questions which are being generated so some of these tags don't have anything but some of them have and then if you see this text in the bottom sandwich love from team mental it means that this is a ai generated bot generated question but still i don't know if they are attaching this text to all the messages which is a generator only part of them or like how it works because even now i don't know i still do receive quite a few message like a lot of messages and i didn't share that much i don't know maybe my like uh there is a big social influencers but i don't have like that big account so just curious

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