NGL app - sent with ❤️ from team NGL - what does it mean?

did you notice this when i go in ngl app and when i go to inbox there is a small little notification so basically on some questions in the bottom you see san with love from team ngl and this question is like when was the last time you cried you can reply to this and it looks like you know if there was no this text it looks like actually it's some of your friends census but as i described in previous videos there were suspicions that actually ngil app is generating questions and using some ai algorithm for these questions to look very human-like not robotic and you can't really differentiate which messages are real which are not so now after some some outcry in social media people were really not sure which messages are real which ones are not we still are not sure about it but now you can see this line which says send with love from team ngl and that's basically means that this question was auto generated and it's not from your friend so you're not don't need to obsess about it and stuff like that so that's basically the idea um yeah that's how it's it works um yeah so now at least if you see this you know that it's it's generated question and why does ngl app does it of course to boost engagement to keep people in the app but also you know if your friends don't really want to send you any questions and don't want to participate in your stories you will just at least get some questions from ngl and post replies to them and you can still post reply to them and get more engagement and probably then your friends will notice you and send you real questions so that's about that

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