NGL app suddenly sends a lot of bot messages…

Recently, users of the NGL app have reported an influx of bot messages flooding their inboxes. Upon inspection, many discovered that these messages were sent with the signature "send with love from team NGL." It seems that these messages are indeed generated by bots, with users receiving anywhere from 5 to 10 automated messages in a single instance.

The reason behind this sudden surge in bot messages can be attributed to NGL's efforts to address certain issues related to Snapchat and Instagram stories. As a result, the app frequently changes its link from to other alternative links. Interestingly, every time this link alteration takes place, NGL's system capitalizes on the opportunity to send out more bot messages, presumably to bolster user engagement.

The exact purpose behind this strategy remains unclear, and NGL has yet to provide an official statement addressing this matter. For users, the sudden influx of bot messages can be an unwelcome disruption in their app experience. It raises concerns about privacy, as well as the app's overall credibility.

App developers must be mindful of user trust and strike a balance between promoting engagement and respecting privacy boundaries. With the increasing prevalence of automated features and AI-powered interactions, maintaining transparency and addressing user concerns becomes paramount.

As of now, NGL app users affected by this issue are advised to stay vigilant and exercise caution when interacting with any incoming messages. Flagging suspicious activity and reporting them directly to NGL's support team can be instrumental in facilitating a resolution.

It remains to be seen whether NGL will take definitive action to rectify this situation and address user apprehensions. As tech enthusiasts, staying informed and vigilant about developments in our favorite applications is essential in navigating the tech landscape.

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