NGL generated messages list - overview

Find all NGL bot questions via!

The NGL (Next Generation Language) generated messages list provides users with an overview of the messages they may receive through the application. In a video transcript, one viewer shared their experience, finding the list quite helpful.

The list consists of similar questions that may sound too general and appear to be written by a human. However, there is a vague and general quality to them. Some examples of these questions include: "Please don't leave me unopened again," "You never reply to me," "My parents know you in a good way," and "We should go watch a movie."

Other questions touch on personal topics such as height, regrets related to COVID, best friends, relationship status, and worst personality characteristics. There are also messages expressing the desire to meet and have conversations, and even some unusual inquiries like whether birds are real.

Find all NGL bot questions via!

In the NGL app, these days, users can easily identify whether a message is genuine or generated by NGL. If a message displays the text "send with love from team NGL," it indicates that the message is fake. On the other hand, if the message only displays a red button, it signifies that it is a real message.

In essence, all the messages that appear in the NGL generated messages list, such as "What's your favorite part of yourself?" and "Who is the last person you texted?" are bot-generated. The transcript also mentions a reference to Kanye, though without further information on its relevance.

The NGL app aims to provide users with an understanding of the types of messages they might encounter, particularly those generated by the NGL language system. By differentiating between fake and real messages, the app ensures a more authentic messaging experience.

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