In this tutorial, I will show you everything you need to know about NGL hints and how to use them. When you upgrade the NGL app, you will start receiving messages in your NGL inbox. Some of these messages will be from bots, indicated by the "send this love from team NGL" message. However, if you come across a red jiggling button with the question "who sent this," it means the message is from a person. By tapping this button, you will be able to see hints about the sender.

NGL bot messages list via!

After upgrading to NGL Pro, which costs $7 per week in the US, you will have access to six main hints about the sender. These hints include location, phone, time sent, software, carrier, and NGL ID. However, there are no direct hints such as the sender's Instagram username or full name available.

In some cases, there may be additional hints provided. For example, you might see a hint about the sender's friends. By tapping on "see friends," you will be able to view a few usernames, which are Instagram profiles of people who are friends with the sender.

It's important to note that these hints only provide an idea of who sent the message and are not definitive. To narrow down the possibilities, you may need to use additional tools like Instagram analytics or other methods to gather more information about the sender.

Many people ask about the possibility of searching for friends through NGL ID or an NGL ID library. Unfortunately, this feature does not exist within the app. You cannot search for friends using their NGL ID or find their NGL ID on Instagram.

Even with the upgrade, the NGL app does not provide the full name, precise details, or the ability to search for NGL IDs on Instagram. These limitations make it necessary to rely on additional tools and methods to gather more information about the sender.

I hope this overview of NGL hints has been helpful in understanding how to use them and the limitations they have.

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