NGL - how to see WHO SENT MESSAGE?

NGL bot messages list via!

If you're a fan of NGL, you may find yourself wondering how to see who sent a message to you on the app. Despite it being a popular messaging app, there's no straightforward way to get this information. However, there are a few possible methods you can try, as detailed in a recent video transcript.

First off, check for the red button on any given message. This indicates that it was actually sent by a human rather than an automated message from the NGL bot. But what if it's not there? If you see a message sent with love from team NGL, there's a good chance it's one of these automated messages. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see who sent it without further investigation.

One possibility is to upgrade to NGL Pro, which is a weekly subscription service. However, even with this upgrade, you won't be able to see an exact Instagram username. Instead, you'll be presented with hints, such as location, device, and NGL ID, which might help narrow down your search. For example, you might see that the message was sent from someone in London who has an iPhone and an NGL ID, among other identifying details.

Then comes the detective work, as you try to figure out which of your contacts might fit this description. You can use Instagram analytics to see who viewed your story with the NGL link, then cross-reference that to narrow down which of those people might have sent you a message based on the details you have. If you have access to more advanced Instagram analytics apps, you may be able to get even more information.

NGL bot messages list via!

Unfortunately, if you have a lot of contacts or followers, this process can get pretty time-consuming. And even if you're successful in your detective work, you'll only be able to narrow it down to a few likely suspects, rather than pinpointing the exact person who sent the message.

In the end, it seems that NGL is designed to offer users a certain level of anonymity, which means that seeing who sent a message takes some effort and investigation. While there are some tricks and tools you can use, there's no guaranteed way to get the information you're after.

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