NGL id in NGL PREMIUM - why you need it?

NGL ID in NGL PREMIUM - why you need it?

The NGL ID in NGL PREMIUM provides users with a unique identifier that can prove to be quite valuable. When you upgrade to NGL Pro, you are introduced to the NGL ID, a six-character combination of numbers and letters which serves as an internal identification within the platform.

Here are a few key reasons why the NGL ID plays an essential role:

  1. Streamlining Communication: The NGL ID enables users to easily distinguish messages from the same sender, even if they come from different locations or at different times. This simplifies the process of tracking conversations and interactions.
  2. Enhancing User Experience: By associating multiple messages with a single NGL ID, users can gain a comprehensive view of their interactions with a particular contact. This feature helps in identifying patterns and building context around conversations.
  3. Improved Data Analysis: Utilizing the NGL ID for message identification allows users to gather more data points for analysis. By linking messages to a specific ID, users can draw insights and make more informed decisions based on the information available.

In essence, the NGL ID serves as a tool to organize and make sense of messaging interactions, providing users with a clearer understanding of their contacts and conversations within the NGL platform.

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