NGL ID is not same as USER ID in NGL support…

In a recent video transcript, the speaker shares their confusion regarding the difference between NGL ID and user ID in NGL support. The NGL Pro app presents users with their NGL ID, which is located at the bottom of their profile. This feature has left many users questioning its purpose and relevance.

To further investigate, the individual decided to tap on the "get help" option within the NGL app. This action led to the generation of an email, displaying a distinct user ID. It became evident that the user ID and NGL ID were not the same, contrary to what had been previously mentioned in other videos.

This new finding emphasized that user ID is simply a unique identifier assigned to app users, separate from the NGL ID. The NGL ID, on the other hand, remains a distinct entity within the app.

The speaker concludes their explanation by pointing out the presence of the NGL ID at the bottom of the profile section, reinforcing the disparity between the two identifiers.

In summary, the NGL ID is not the same as the user ID in NGL support. This distinction has caused confusion among users who previously believed these identifiers were interchangeable. The discrepancy between the two reinforces the need for clarity and understanding when navigating the NGL Pro app.

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