NGL link doesn’t work on Instagram - “Try again later. We restrict certain activity to protect…”

NGL link doesn't work on Instagram - "Try again later. We restrict certain activity to protect…"

If you've ever encountered an error message that says "Try again later. We restrict certain activity to protect our community" when trying to use the NGL (Next Generation Link) feature on Instagram, you're not alone. Many users have reported experiencing this frustrating issue while attempting to upload NGL links or attach them to Instagram stories.

The problem seems to be specific to Instagram's restrictions on the use of NGL links. When users try to upload an NGL link or attach it to their Instagram story, they are greeted with an error message stating that the upload has failed. Instead of the link being displayed, users see a simple arrow icon, indicating that the link is not accessible.

While the NGL link functionality itself appears to be working fine, it seems that Instagram is actively blocking the use of NGL links on its platform. This restriction has left users puzzled, as they are unable to share their NGL links on Instagram, limiting their ability to promote certain content or specific websites.

The reason behind Instagram's decision to block NGL links remains unclear. Users have speculated that the restriction might be aimed at preventing the spread of spam or malicious content. However, without official communication from Instagram, it is challenging to fully understand the rationale behind this limitation.

The issue has sparked frustration among users who were hoping to leverage the power of NGL links to drive traffic to their websites or share important resources. Until Instagram addresses this problem, users will have to rely on alternative methods to share their NGL links, such as directing their audience to their bio for the link or using other social media platforms that support NGL links.

It remains to be seen whether Instagram will offer any official communication or updates regarding the blocking of NGL links. In the meantime, users are left waiting and hoping for a resolution that will allow them to fully utilize the NGL link feature on Instagram.

In conclusion, Instagram's restriction on the use of NGL links has left users unable to share these links on the platform. While the NGL functionality itself is functional, Instagram's decision to block NGL links has limited users' ability to promote content and websites. Without official communication from Instagram, users can only hope for a resolution that will restore the use of NGL links on the popular social media platform.

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