NGL LINK doesn’t work on Instagram - upload failed

When it comes to sharing links on Instagram, some users have encountered a frustrating issue. The NGL LINK, a popular tool for sharing links, is not functioning properly on the platform. Users attempting to upload the NGL LINK to Instagram are met with an error message stating "upload failed delete." This means that they are currently unable to add the NGL LINK to their Instagram stories.

Furthermore, Instagram displays a message indicating that they restrict certain activities to protect their community. It appears that Instagram has implemented restrictions on links from NGL, which is rather puzzling. This limitation has left users puzzled and wondering about the reasons behind it.

Upon investigating the issue, it has been confirmed that the NGL link itself is working perfectly fine. However, Instagram currently does not allow users to create Instagram stories containing the NGL LINK. This limitation has been deemed rather annoying by the affected users.

While it is unclear why Instagram has imposed this restriction, it is essential to respect their decision in order to maintain a safe and secure community. Instagram evidently deems the NGL LINK as an activity that is not in line with their community guidelines. As users, we should adhere to these guidelines and find alternative methods to share our content.

For those who heavily rely on the NGL LINK and are disappointed by this setback, there are alternative options available. Consider utilizing other link-sharing tools that are compatible with Instagram and allow for the seamless integration of links into your stories. Some of these options include Linktree, TapBio, and Shorby. These platforms are designed to help users efficiently share links on Instagram, providing a suitable workaround for the limitations posed by Instagram's restrictions.

As with any tech issue, it is crucial for developers and users to stay updated on the latest developments. Instagram may revise its restrictions in the future, allowing NGL LINK and similar tools to be used once again. Until then, exploring alternative solutions and staying informed will be the best course of action for those seeking to share links on Instagram.

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