NGL link stopped working on SnapChat

Recently, users of Snapchat have been encountering issues when trying to share NGL (Next Generation Link) links on the platform. The problem seems to be that the link functionality has completely stopped working. When users attempt to share a link on Snapchat and tap the "go" button at the bottom, they are met with a warning message stating that the site appears to be dangerous.

Snapchat relies on information from Google Safe Browsing to protect its users from potentially harmful websites. However, for some unknown reason, this feature is now preventing users from sharing NGL links. This issue seems to have started approximately a month ago, as people began reporting the problem and seeking answers.

Upon investigating the matter, it was discovered that indeed, the link sharing feature on Snapchat no longer works with NGL links. The exact cause of the issue remains a mystery. Previously, it was perfectly normal and safe to share NGL links on Snapchat, but now it seems that both Instagram and Snapchat are facing similar issues.

The NGL technology is designed to enhance the sharing of links by providing a richer experience for users. It allows for more engaging previews and facilitates seamless navigation between apps. However, with this recent problem on Snapchat, it leaves users uncertain about the safety and reliability of NGL links.

As with any tech-related issue, it is difficult to ascertain whether the problem lies with the specific app or the way in which NGL links are being handled. Users are encouraged to exercise caution when sharing links on Snapchat and to consider the possibility that the app might perceive certain websites as dangerous.

Fortunately, it is likely that the developers and engineers at Snapchat are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. Bugs and glitches are not uncommon in the tech world, and it is common practice for companies to release updates and fixes to address these issues. Snapchat's team will undoubtedly be looking for a solution to enable the safe sharing of NGL links once again.

In conclusion, the recent issue with NGL links not working on Snapchat has raised concerns among users who rely on the app for link sharing. While the cause of the problem remains unknown, it is reassuring to know that the Snapchat team is likely working diligently to rectify the situation. As with any technological inconvenience, patience is key, and it is hoped that a solution will be implemented soon.

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