Here's a transcription of the video discussing NGL Premium Hints:

So here's just a quick overview of NGL premium hints. If you upgrade to NGL Pro, you'll get the following features:

  1. Location information - You'll see the city near which the message was sent, but not GPS coordinates.
  2. Phone details - You'll be able to view the device type (Android or iOS).
  3. Time sent - You'll know the timing of the message.
  4. Software information - You'll see if the message was sent from an Android or iOS device.
  5. Carrier details - This can be useful in identifying the sender.
  6. NGL ID - A unique identifier within the NGL platform.
  7. Friends feature - Sometimes available, it allows you to view mutual friends.
  8. Cost - Priced at $7 per week.

The premium hints provide clues that can help you deduce the sender's identity. By analyzing details like the sender's city, device type, and timing of the message, you may be able to figure out who sent it. The NGL Pro service focuses on providing hints rather than revealing the sender's exact identity, adding a level of challenge to the guessing game.

The NGL ID feature in combination with multiple messages can help you track messages from the same sender. If you notice the same NGL ID across various messages, it indicates they were sent by the same person. This can be particularly useful in identifying senders who may be trying to remain anonymous or mysterious.

Overall, NGL Pro is designed to offer hints and clues that require some analytical thinking to decipher the sender's identity. While it may not directly reveal the sender's Instagram username, the provided information can assist you in making an educated guess about who sent the message.

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