NGL PRO OVERVIEW - what you can see

NGL Pro overview - what you can see

The NGL Pro overview provides a glimpse into the features available upon upgrading. The video transcript outlines the key elements visible in NGL Pro post-upgrade. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to see:

  1. Location: Provides general information such as the proximity to a city rather than exact GPS coordinates.
  2. Phone Model: Displays details about the phone model, like iPhone or Android device.
  3. Time: Shows time in hours and minutes.
  4. Software: Indicates the operating system, whether it's iOS or Android, along with the version.
  5. Carrier: Displays the carrier information, which can be useful for identifying network providers like Wi-Fi or cellular networks such as 3G or 5G (e.g., Luca Mobile, Verizon).
  6. NGL ID: Offers a unique identification code, especially useful for tracking messages from the same source.

Additionally, users may occasionally encounter a "friends" section at the bottom, where connections or contacts may be visible, albeit infrequently. This feature has been reported to show friends from social media platforms like Instagram, providing insights into user associations.

In summary, upgrading to NGL Pro unlocks these detailed insights, enabling users to access essential information about location, device details, time, software, carrier, and unique identification codes. While some features like the "friends" section may not always be clearly visible, the core functionalities enhance user experience and data tracking capabilities.

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