Niantic Campfire app - DOESN’t WORK

so here is niantic campfire app uh so yeah like it's it's made waves in news because uh this is the community app for from niantic from the developer who made uh pokemon go so it's kind of community social media app for uh like pokemon go enthusiasts but there are so many bugs and some people write in reviews that dislike it's broken that there is a large obstructive browser browse campfire button needs to go could be better good idea it says access is limited and how are people already logged in not available um yet access is limited and then it always tells me like yeah unable to log in after creating an account and trying to log in it says access current limited why even allow us to create an account in the first place if you want be able to log in where it was app doesn't work at all it doesn't work in your region and said i'm not able to participate and i can't use my pokemon go email so all of that so people are quite not happy to be honest yeah um that's what they say here is just says nianti camp yeah it's already released in the app store but it's still access is limited and it's not available for everyone so yeah there you have it um hope that's that

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