Niftycase io - how to display list of NFTs on Twitter?

hello everyone so i noticed on twitter ben tossel who is the founder of micropad so he was just like mentioning this tool which is uh nifty it's basically a google chrome extension uh which you can install on twitter and then you can see the list the list of nfts which people are buying so let's just try to do it so it's like it's nifty oh nifty cases open source you can see the github and all of that and let's just try to install it it is also free so yeah you just need to go to the chrome web store i guess you need to be signed in there are only 280 users and then you can just click add extension then it's just like adding to chrome and then you see nifty case has been added to chrome um so then let's see what happens here and then you need probably to sign in to connect twitter so back on nifty case io i just need to authorize an app um and then i need to type in my ethereum address which i can just get from my mathematic account so then i just and yes and then now i'm displaying if this on twitter so let's see what happens now as i've seen probably you need to go to slash nfts not sure how it's supposed to work so you should see this bar on the left side it's like nifty's hmm anyways okay for some reason it doesn't really work for me but it should work um i don't know like if you know why it doesn't work just leave it in the comments below maybe you're from nifty case team just this is for you to know i restarted my browser and still doesn't work so there you have it anyways i think it's interesting idea so you can just see the list of all nfts what people are buying just in your twitter feed on your browser so there you have it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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