No active pools right now friend in Notcoin bot. So unfortunately, they don't have that many pools. To be honest, I only saw it once here. I just opened it up recently a few times a day, and only once I saw an active pool here. If you see an active pool, basically, you will just see this tab container which says 'explore and earn,' and then you will see different pools where you can earn Notcoin. That's what it is. Maybe this is just a better version, and there aren't that many pools here. Also, if you have some Notcoin and you stake more Notcoin, you will get access to more pools. But basically, I would recommend you to go to Ton Keeper News Channel or some other channels and try to find some additional opportunities. Like there is Hamster Bot — that's what it is. So yeah, try that out.

Key points from the video transcript:

  • Notcoin bot currently has no active pools available.
  • Limited pool options are present within the Notcoin ecosystem.
  • Active pools can be identified by the tab container labeled "explore and earn."
  • Access to more pools in Notcoin is granted by staking additional Notcoin.
  • Seeking alternative channels like Ton Keeper News for more opportunities is suggested.
  • Exploring options like Hamster Bot is encouraged for users looking to maximize their earnings.

This update highlights the scarcity of active pools in Notcoin, urging users to explore diverse platforms and channels for enhanced opportunities within the cryptocurrency space. Stay tuned for further developments in the world of digital assets and decentralized finance.

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