NO BACKUP FOUND in Worldcoin? Try this

So no backup found for WorldCoin app. Let's explore some steps to address this issue. Here is what you can do:

  1. Browse the help articles in the app to find instructions on how to backup your account.
  2. To ensure the safety of your WorldCoin account, enable iCloud or Google Drive backup in the app settings. This way, you can securely back up your data online.
  3. Remember to set a password when backing up your account. It's crucial to store this password securely as you will need it to recover your account in the future.

In case you need to restore your account, follow these steps:

a. Navigate to the login screen.

b. Select the option to restore your account.

c. Choose the restore with iCloud option.

d. If you cannot locate your backup, you will have the chance to enter the account password. Ensure you input the correct password for successful account recovery.

  1. Even without a backup file, if you remember your password, you can still restore your account.
  2. If you haven't added your phone number or enabled cloud backup, regrettably, it may not be possible to recover your account presently. Nevertheless, there are plans to introduce a feature in the future that allows obtaining a new world ID through a verification process.

It's essential to follow these guidelines to safeguard your WorldCoin account and ensure you can restore it if needed. Stay updated on any new features or enhancements provided by the app to enhance the security and accessibility of your digital assets.

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