No more free coins in Worldcoin?

No more free coins in WorldCoin app. When opening the grants tab, users are noticing the absence of the WorldCoin Widget for the upcoming grant. Typically, the grants page prominently displays information about the next grant's availability, such as "Next grant available in 10 days." However, this information has been missing for the past four or five days. Concerns have arisen among users in the WorldCoin app subreddit, speculating that there might not be any more free coins distributed.

The lack of an official notification from the WorldCoin app has fueled speculation. It is believed that the sudden cautious approach may be linked to the significant rise in WorldCoin's price and the ongoing Bitcoin rally. There is apprehension that a mass withdrawal of WorldCoin could lead to a crash in its value. As a result, there is a lack of communication and clarity from the app regarding the future availability of grants.

The uncertainty surrounding the situation has generated skepticism and confusion among users. The next scheduled grant is expected on March 12th, in line with the app's usual bi-weekly grant distribution cycle. The absence of a grant on this date, coupled with the continued lack of information, would further compound the uneasiness among users.

The community eagerly awaits further updates and details regarding the status of the grants. Until more information is provided by the WorldCoin app, users are left to speculate and monitor the situation closely for any developments.

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