No more free grants in Worldcoin? Did Worldcoin end their grant program?

Recently, there has been speculation circulating about the grant program within WorldCoin. Users have reported a lack of notifications regarding the next grant upon opening the app, sparking confusion and discussion within the WorldCoin subreddit.

Upon further investigation, it appears that the grant timers have disappeared for several users, leading to uncertainty regarding the future of grant distributions. The absence of official communication from the WorldCoin team has only added to the mystery surrounding the situation.

Here is a breakdown based on the video transcript:

  • Users have noticed the disappearance of grant notifications within the app.
  • Speculation suggests that WorldCoin may have paused, adjusted, or possibly even terminated the grant program.
  • The lack of clarity from WorldCoin has left users in the dark about the status of their grants.
  • The next scheduled grant is set for March 12th, which will serve as a key date to determine the program's fate.
  • Some users have theorized that WorldCoin is taking measures to prevent a mass withdrawal that could impact the coin's value.

As users weigh their options, whether to withdraw their WorldCoin holdings immediately or hold onto them, uncertainty looms over the future of the grant program. The lack of transparency from WorldCoin has left many questioning the stability and direction of the cryptocurrency.

It remains to be seen whether WorldCoin will address the concerns surrounding the grant program, or if users will be left to make decisions based on speculation and observation. As the situation unfolds, users are advised to stay informed and make informed decisions based on the available information.

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