NO ORBS for Worldcoin app in your country/city? What to do?

The Worldcoin app has garnered attention for its unique verification process, requiring the use of orbs to authenticate users. However, for some individuals residing in certain countries or cities, the unavailability of orbs poses a challenge. In a recent video transcript discussing this dilemma, several strategies were proposed to address the issue. Let's explore the options put forward for those facing the absence of orbs in their location:

  1. Travel to a Nearby Orb: One solution suggested in the transcript is to identify the nearest orb available, even if it's in a different country. For example, if you reside in India where orbs are not present, considering orbs in Singapore or Japan could be an option. Calculating the financial feasibility of such travel, especially if there is a possibility of recouping some expenses by withdrawing Worldcoin, is advised.
  2. Wait for Orb Expansion: While the immediate availability of orbs in your region might be limited, there is the anticipation of Worldcoin increasing the number of orbs in various locations. The promise of opening more orbs in the autumn of 2023 was mentioned, though the actualization of this plan has not yet occurred. Waiting for further developments could be a patient approach.
  3. Apply to Become an Orb Operator: Another suggestion is to explore the option of becoming an orb operator yourself. By filling out the necessary application forms, there is a potential opportunity not only to be part of the Worldcoin ecosystem but also to generate additional income. Legal constraints that might be hindering orb availability in certain regions were also alluded to in the transcript.

These proposed strategies offer potential pathways for individuals grappling with the absence of orbs for the Worldcoin app in their country or city. The evolving landscape of digital verification presents challenges, but also opportunities for innovation and engagement. As the tech community continues to adapt and iterate, exploring alternative solutions to address such gaps becomes paramount.

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