NOT POSSIBLE to recover Worldcoin account without backup or phone number…

In a recent video transcript, it has been outlined that it is not possible to recover a Worldcoin account if the user did not enable iCloud backup or add a phone number to the account. As indicated in the support documentation, enabling one of these features is essential for account recovery. Without these provisions, retrieving a Worldcoin account becomes challenging.

The video suggests that without a phone number or iCloud backup, the account cannot be recovered. However, there are plans to introduce a feature that will enable obtaining a new World ID or verification in the future. This potential addition hints at a more flexible account recovery process down the line.

To initiate the account recovery process, users are advised to navigate to the account section within the Worldcoin app. From there, ensuring that iCloud backup is enabled is crucial. With an active backup, users can easily restore their accounts using the provided backup data.

Alternatively, if a user does not have a backup or password, the video mentions that the account may not be restorable. However, it also acknowledges that having a verified phone number could offer a route for account recovery. By utilizing the phone number as a verification method, users may be able to regain account access by resetting their password.

The video conveys that despite current limitations in account recovery procedures and the reported bugs within the app, there is hope for future improvements. It acknowledges that the app is in beta and the support team may not be functioning optimally, highlighting the need for users to be aware of the existing challenges in utilizing the Worldcoin platform.

In conclusion, the insights provided in the video underscore the importance of enabling necessary account recovery features such as iCloud backup and phone number verification to ensure a smoother account restoration process in the event of any issues.

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