NOT POSSIBLE to verify world is without orb - what are your options - overview

It is not possible to verify the world ID without an orb, as mentioned in the video transcript. So, what are your options? Here is an overview:

  1. Find the closest orb: If there are no orbs in your city or country, you will need to locate the nearest orb to your location. For example, if there are no orbs in Denmark, you might need to travel to countries like Singapore or Japan where orbs are available.
  2. Travel to verify your orb: If your country does not have any orbs, you can consider traveling to a country where orbs are present. Calculate the costs involved in the trip and evaluate if it is worth verifying your orb in another country based on factors like expenses and the potential rise in the world coin's price.
  3. Become an orb operator: Another option is to apply to become an orb operator yourself. Fill out the application form, open an orb location in your city, verify your account, and potentially earn additional revenue. However, be aware that there may be legal hurdles and restrictions in some countries regarding biometric data collection for orb operation.

If you are unsure about what to do, you can also choose to wait. The World Coin app previously promised to open more orbs in autumn 2023, but legal issues surrounding biometrics and data privacy have delayed the process. Keep track of the expiration date of your grants, as failing to verify monthly may lead to a loss of world coins.

Remember, the status of orb centers and verification processes is subject to change as the World Coin ecosystem evolves. Stay informed and assess your options based on the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrency and biometric verification technology.

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