Notcoin - no active pools

A recent video transcript reveals that "Notcoin - no active pools" may currently be experiencing a lack of active pools. The speaker in the video mentions that there are no active pools at the moment. Users encountering challenges may notice a button labeled "explore and earn discover." Clicking on this button may provide an opportunity to earn Notcoin.

Here are some key points mentioned in the video:

  • No active pools are available at the moment.
  • Users may find a button labeled "explore and earn discover."
  • Opportunities to earn Notcoin may be available by clicking on the aforementioned button.
  • It is recommended to log in daily to check for availability of projects.

The video transcript emphasizes the importance of regularly checking for updates on available projects to earn Notcoin. These insights provide valuable information for individuals interested in utilizing Notcoin and its potential rewards despite the current absence of active pools.

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