NoteIt App - Plus button doesn’t work SOLVED

so here is not a drawing app and in some versions of this app if you tap plus in the top right it just didn't work so it just yeah maybe it still doesn't work for you so nothing happens you can't create a new note you can see this preview and it's just like bugging so what i would advise you to do so just a few hours ago there was a new update or not a drawing app where they specifically fixed this bug so yeah if you just search for knotted app in the app store just go there and tap the blue update button and after that the plus icon box should be fixed so yeah just search for the oh for some reason i don't know if there's any issues my wi-fi or something yeah just go to the app store and search for noted here it is and then as you can see there is an update version 2 0 10 um and then we improve text for a better understanding of the feature as well and fix the plus button which was not working as it should on some devices so hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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