NoteIt BLANK WIDGET what to do?

so here is viral noted widget app and uh basically uh for some users i don't know which iphone models and all of that but basically the issue was there if you added a noted widget so let's just do it so here you can see the widget but if i just tap plus in top right and then i just search for noted and try to add a widget basically it was just blank widget so here i can see that it is updated in my case but for some users it was just either blank or it just showed like three stripes like white stripe gray stripe and white stripe again so that's basically what's the issue and uh how to solve it basically you just need to update there is a new update just released 18 hours ago and so there are some bug fixes and one of them was in the widgets because on some devices the widget was blank not allowing a view of the node and then we improved the they improve the text for better understanding of the features as well as fix the plus button in the top right so something like that so now if you have blank widget try to update try to delete the widget update the app and reinstall the widget hopefully it can be solved again you need to have version 2.0.10 for to try that so yeah something like this hope it can be helpful

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