noteit Share Streaks - overview

uh so here is not the widget app and uh yeah basically what it means to share streaks so for example I have like me uh my partner like he's the other friend girlfriend and then you can just tap on here and then you will just you are sending notes and then you can just tap share a streak and it means that you can combine all these uh streaks into the video and then you can just share it on Instagram Tick Tock or whatever and then yeah you can just preview it so that's how it looks so for example I sent two notes and then I will just have a short video of these two notes uh generated then I can just change video speed then I can also edit video oh and then I just can basically save it to my camera roll I need to give access to my photos and then I just can go to my photos and here it is that's basically that's basically the streak I just created and then you can just share it on tick tock on Instagram whatever you want so it's pretty cool try it out

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