so here's noted widget app here you can send notes in widgets to your friends and family so for example i have this drawing i can create a new one um like i have these drawing tools it just depends what i want to draw but basically the tools are pretty basic similar as you have on iphone notes and i just want to draw something like this and yeah basically then tap send in top right then it this note will appear uh on your partner's device it might take some minutes to place the widget if log the lower power mode is activated so something like that and here you can see your settings and it is only possible to send widget to one person at a time and when you create your account you need to ask the code from your partner so that you can pass that code and link their widget to you so basically then to install the widget tab on the plus here you have your widget menu and then you can select from two sizes add a widget so you can add this and then your friend or colleague can also add this and then they will see something like that and then the whole fun is that they can just instantly see something updated if you send a note to them um yep uh and also you can see if they send something to you so that's why this app is super viral and it's it's going viral on tick tock

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