NoteIt Widget - Live Drawing (alternative) - Full App Overview

so here's alternative noted widget it's called knotted widget live drawing so this is not the original noted widget um you can see the original one in my other videos and this one just has like 13 ratings so it's not the uh the correct one so i'll just show you like if you search for note it there you have it so this is the this is the like top app which where you can draw notes and send it to your friends but [Applause] here um uh this is also the alternative uh which you can try it out so send emoji widget to partner advanced widget drawing tools credit runs for each other track your partner drawings and all of that and then you can just set these drawings on each other home screens and just have that so just use it to install that but um the size of you can see this this small app but i think what's happened is like when some app goes viral like when um you know unloaded widget went viral in the top charts in the app store a lot of people just trying to create apps which have similar name and it worked then you just need can sign up i need to agree and then i can just sign up with apple i don't know if this app is available on android or anything and then yeah i can just sign up here so this is my pin code and then you need to enter your partner pin code so i can just try to do my code just for the sake of this demo and then i can just create a note either drawing camera album or nifty art so there you have it here you can just create a drawing and it's the same drawing which you would have on noted widget so the same drawing tools nothing advanced then you can create some nft art or something like that so that's interesting then there is also a camera or album you can then attach some photos from your album so something like that and then okay so let's just create some drawing it works and then i just need to yet to send it and it will take up to five minutes upload success your partner will receive it soon and then to to add that widget you just need to tap and hold until it starts to jiggle uh tap on the plus icon and then you just need to install this noted widget just like this add widget and then as you can see i just see this picture why i see it because yeah for the for this experiment i just added my own account so i linked my own account here and that's why i can now see this widget on my phone so something like that um yep so that's basically the idea and that's how this app works again this is not the original app i think this is like some copy pasted app or something like that but it still it works differently a bit i mean the main principles to design but it's just a bit different so if you like this one you can try this one you can add photos here you can upload pictures from camera you can create some kind of weird nft art yup so something like that hope this overview was helpful thank you for watching

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