so here is ob me app uh if i pronounce it correctly it's it starts to climb in the top charts in the us app store and the cool part is that it's also developed by ukrainian developer uh i'm also from ukraine so that's amazing and this app has a great potential i think i will just show you why so you can interact through simple actions like keys hug touch and share your mood when you're sitting in a boring meeting and your friend hugs you or when you and your beloved don't see each other all day so you can just share these feelings with each other like love pinch keys hug touch uh when it's important for you to know the mood of your loved ones as well and then you can get notifications so it seems like a like very simple concept but it's actually working um yep and i think i've did already review there are some other like hardware not like apple watch but some other device which basically just reacts to vibrations so you can tap your bracelet and you can bring your bracelet to your partner or friend and then if you for example if you type your bracelet they also will feel the vibration so no messages no text but just you know these simple touches which which are actually super powerful so that's i think one of the like ideas of the app i'm not sure if this app actually sends vibrations on your phone or something like that that could be fun but anyways you can just create an account here with your phone number no email no apple id so just a phone number like some people are complaining that it only requires phone number but i think it's one of the most universal ways to create your account uh it accepts all countries not only us so it just works fine here there you have it now you have like this smiley which is which is reflecting your mood so it can be from sad to okay to pretty good and then you can just change the colors and then then you can just share your mood so just share your mood and this mood will be shared to your partner but like how to add like your beloved person or your friend you can just tap add friend here in top right then you can also sync contacts just contacts from your iphone on that you can just share your link and then you can just share a link like that um yeah so to to share the app in this way so that's that can be an idea here um that's how it works uh and yeah then also you just have like a gear icon in top right and these are all your settings and then yeah basically when you add your friend you can send all those like feelings let me just show for example uh yeah you can just sound like clown pinch keys hug touch uh so something something around that yeah so that's the idea and then these messages will appear on your friend's device so sometimes yeah you don't want to write like a long message or you want something to write you just want to send these simple notifications and of course you will also receive a notification when the mood changes for example or you want more than 10 000 steps also you you connect this app to to your apple health app so it's also synced um yeah just i i don't know if if it sends vibrations so for example you know if you send a touch and there is no notification nothing and you just feel your vibration on your phone that would be cool and you just know that this is like a touch from from your friend or from your beloved person like and or like some specific type of vibration i'm actually not sure if this app has that but if it has it's like would be really amazingly cool but anyways if you want to go to settings here are your settings you can edit your name your first name and then birthdate you can also tap to delete your account to erase your data just in case you are not feeling safe you can always reach out to support support there is also privacy policy you can read that restored purchases and you can log out so this uh this is basically the app and i also pretty like the design it's very minimalistic and very fun also if you swipe left basically you can also see the timeline check here if your friends have shared their mood to diet to see and to see the senses i sent you so that's what you can do as well you can see the timeline and i think this app is in the trend with like locket widget or noted widget apps where uh basically yeah like you know people like simplicity where these apps have just widgets on their home and you can instantly just send like a picture or some little note to your friend here you can send more like a bright vibration or touch i hope the something like that so yeah that's basically the app that's how it works it's connected to your apple house as you can see how many steps and then yeah so this is the app there are a bunch of reviews overall reviews are pretty good there are not that many so you can always go here and add some suggestions um since this app started to climb in the top charts funny that it was released like one year ago nobody noticed that nobody was using it but suddenly it's like in top 10 lifestyle apps in your ass app store so some person says that this app should send notifications on our friend or partner sends anything unless yes you should receive notifications when your partner send your sense change the mood or 110k steps for one day this app is amazing [Music] so yeah so some people were disappointed that that was seemingly was shut down but now it's back again very noticeable improvements it's like so much potential so yeah some people can't sign up is a phone number some people don't receive some notifications some people can't accept a friend request or something like that uh but this is all minor bugs seems like that you can always reach out to app support also here and there is a website so you can also go to this website and this app sensor the world's first censure center is an app which gives you a different way to pay attention feel care of close ones without text messages pictures video uh it's a 22 percent of adults are fulfilling feel lonely often we feel embarrassed to call an old friend uh yeah so you can just send all these notifications uh you can see reminders connecting people via motions and then you can see founders here so you can see also here the people who develop in this app yeah it's a cool ukrainian team um so there you have it uh yeah so that's the app so hope uh this is helpful this is an overview and thank you for watching

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