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In this episode, we're going to touch on really amazing A which is going in the top charts. Right now. It's called adimi. So this app, I think, is one of the interesting apps which kind of can open a new like way for like app development. And while all the trend is going. So I did. Also an author use some podcast episodes about Lockett widget app and noted A and this one is called a BMI is developed by Ukrainian team. So that's really cool and I'm also Ukrainian maybe now, so yeah, it's growing in charts in the US App Store and the whole idea is the team described this app as a sensor jar. So what is sensor? It's a place where I show my feelings. As they say, because sometimes words aren't enough, it's a new way to fuel from a distant from me. I can kiss, hug, touch someone I haven't seen for so long, and even more sense senses these are the actions that I can feel kiss, hug, slapped by anything is difficult to put into words, share my mood now about all the feelings of load ones you can feel about heart rate and steps. Give gifts. And now the size of your loved ones. I can't talk about my feelings, but now I can share them. So that's the idea of the app. So instead of sending text, pictures, videos, audio clips like what you can do in WhatsApp, for example, or any other messenger, this app. Basically you just select some action and then. Yeah, you will just receive. Some kind of different types of vibrations on your phone, and this is and of course you will see just a notification, so this is the right to notify your loved ones about some specific feelings, but you don't need to go and type that because maybe you just feel uncomfortable or it's too hard for you and all of that, so you just need to tap in the app. Like hey, I want to kiss you or something and then you will. Or receive some kind of vibration. Than I yeah, it's it's really amazing. As you can see when you add in your friends or your load ones and you have some kind of distance relationship. Or maybe someone is traveling for like 2 weeks or something. And yeah of course it's nice to write some texts, but it's more creative. I would say and more maybe romantic to also send these touches and then you just get a notification and your phone starts vibrating. One way or another, and you already know like these patterns and you can reflect on them. And that's really interesting. And yeah, that brings some new wipe in the apps, so definitely go download this app. Try it out. Yeah, it's an interesting interesting super cool app. So what I was saying in the beginning like so there are these new trend in app which are going viral on Tik T.O.K and Genzi likes them, some select Locket we just noted and then obey me app which are also seeing had some wild hits on Tik T.O.K. So basically the whole idea why these apps are so popular among Gen Z is that. It's very liberates the like the usage of the communication aspect like in Locket widget app. You just installed the widget and you have photos updating real time on your screen. You don't need to go to that Messenger app like you know if you if you forgot your password you need to log in or something. Then you need to open a chat and then you will see the image. Here you will just see it in real time. And with the beam app the same, you just see the vibration in real time. And sorry and then. Yeah, you can just see and feel that just in very short periods of time, so that's kind of. If field were maybe there will be so many new apps. I don't know, maybe people will also try to develop something similar to obey me as they did to locate pictures and noted picture, but definitely interesting interesting aspect of app development. So instead of building some complicated apps where it takes like 5 tabs or clicks to go to the message. You just might this message or sense appear in the nearest simplest way possible. So yeah, I'm also maybe there is some. Some similarities between this app and there was another app which was called Yaw like back. I think in 2014 or something so you can just tap in the app and then it will send Yaw or something like that. So that was already there. But this is an another app, another idea. So yeah, definitely gear. The trial just wanted to highlight your attention, so let's get you up in the future episodes.

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