Obimy app - NOT GETTING NOTIFICATIONS - what to do?

so here's a bimi app and some of the issues but overall it's a super amazing app developed by ukrainians like some of the issues is that people are not getting notifications uh so some people restarted their phone checked settings uh all of that but not still getting notifications uh but yeah it's one of the core features and obviously there is no use to the app when there are no notifications of course first thing to do just go to your settings app type ob me here it is and then make sure that there should be some notification settings but okay they're not here so then go to notifications separate menu and make sure that you allow notifications from a beami here so you just need to search for the app okay it's still not here uh okay maybe it's in some other settings but right now okay now you can just uh allow a beaming to send your notifications and then you need to tap hello and you need to constantly update the app because there are new pushes new improvements all the time and team is actively working on it so you need to do that otherwise so just do that and then you can uh yeah also reach out to support uh if the issue is not solved or if you solve these issues some way please leave your suggestions below

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