Obimy - can’t create account via Apple ID

so if you go to some overuse of a beami app basically here some of the recent reviews the the thing is a lot of people just can't create an account my boyfriend is having trouble signing up but it says there is an error but i don't understand he has goose internet and his phone is updated he has an android but we try all device didn't work let him write it supported to be me create account and the the another suggestion it would be really better if there was more option to create an account other than just using an apple id so that's the the main scene like some apple ladies aren't able to be used to create accounts so they won't be able to use this app and the recent response to this is just actually from developer team that they're working on it and soon it will be added an option to sign in through the email and you can see people can't log in with apple id so we are working on it

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