Oculus app Privacy Settings overview

so heroes are close up if you tap in top left then there are privacy settings so from here you can manage them so you can check who will see your activity on oculus your presence in specific apps might be visible to others if you participate in social activities like parties events or leaderboards so you can change to public friends on oculus or only me so that's that manage brother people can see your use of individual apps on oculus and then here you see the the apps available and it means basically choose whether to show or hide your app activity and status for individual apps and oculus app activity can be seen by anyone friends only you based on your choice in the settings friend list who can see your friends listen oculus friends on oculus by default it's only like friends everywhere also who will see your facebook name on oculus also you can check your facebook friends and oculus active status push notifications you can also check friend and oculus and here you have a list of blocked users which you can block from the chat or from their profile now i think just from that profile if you tap on three dots you can block someone but and i then they will appear here you can unblock them from here so this is the overview of privacy settings of oculus app in case you are concerned of course oculus is owned by mata which formerly facebook so yep and they of course are using all your data for better advertising ad targeting and um yeah it's like as in facebook your like activity can be seen everywhere so just if you want to limit it just so you know here you can access these settings

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