Official OpenAI ChatGPT app - can’t receive confirmation code while creating an account

OpenAI, an AI research institution co-founded by Elon Musk, has launched its official ChatGPT app that converses with users using AI as its brainpower. The app, named after the technology it utilizes - GPT or Generative Pre-training Transformer - enables users to have sophisticated conversations with the app.

However, some users have reported issues in creating an account as they cannot receive the confirmation code needed to complete the registration process. According to a recent video transcript, the verification phone numbers tab is available, and the app appears to be strict in terms of the phone numbers it accepts. Only official phone numbers are being accepted, and it seems that some providers' numbers are not being recognized.

The app requires a considerable amount of personal information from users during the onboarding process. As mentioned in the video transcript, users are encouraged to use their real phone numbers to register, and not just any number obtained from somewhere else. Trying to use any other number that is not an official phone number could be the reason why users are having difficulty receiving the confirmation code.

To ensure the app works efficiently and to avoid any issues during the registration process, only official phone numbers from legitimate providers should be used. The ChatGPT app's strict phone number validation aims to keep the app secure and prevent spammers or those with malicious intent from accessing it.

In conclusion, the official ChatGPT app is a promising and groundbreaking development in AI technology. While there have been some issues reported during the registration process, users can avoid these by using their real and official phone numbers. OpenAI's ChatGPT app is yet another example of how AI technology continues to evolve and improve, and we can't wait to see its full potential unleashed.

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