Official share of Worldcoin - how to get it in addition to grants?

In the WorldCoin app, users have the opportunity to acquire more than just grants, namely an official share of WorldCoin. This official share is distinct from grants and can be obtained by verifying one's account swiftly with Orb. The official share of WorldCoin is visible on the grants page, with different allotments based on verification timing.

Here are some key points about obtaining the official share of WorldCoin:

  • Verifying by March 11th with Orb yields a specific amount, such as 75 WorldCoins over the following 12 months.
  • Delaying verification results in diminishing amounts of WorldCoins, as the allocation decreases gradually.
  • Swift verification with Orb ensures a larger share of WorldCoin, making it advantageous to act promptly.

Importantly, the official share of WorldCoin is supplementary to WorldCoin grants, offering users an additional avenue for increasing their holdings. Users can observe their reserved grant amount alongside the official share on the grants page, illustrating the potential for accumulating more WorldCoins.

Additionally, some users have access to the 'invite friends' feature in WorldCoin, allowing them to earn extra WorldCoins by referring new users. Although not everyone may have access to this feature at present, those who do can leverage it to expand their WorldCoin holdings. By sharing the referral link on social media and encouraging friends to join WorldCoin, users can receive rewards in WorldCoins for successful referrals.

The 'invite friends' feature presents an exciting opportunity to engage with the WorldCoin community, foster growth, and earn rewards through social connections. As the WorldCoin ecosystem continues to evolve, these features contribute to a dynamic and interactive user experience.

In conclusion, the official share of WorldCoin, in combination with grants and the 'invite friends' feature, offers users multiple avenues to accumulate WorldCoins and engage with the platform. With careful timing and active participation, users can enhance their WorldCoin holdings and contribute to the vibrancy of the WorldCoin community.

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